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Buser Project is established in 1986. With its quality furniture and excellent service concept, education furniture has taken its place in the sector. It has realized hundreds of domestic & international projects in 35 countries in this period. Equipped with 150’000 sq. mt. standard (loose) furniture, 7500 sq. mt. custom made (woodwork) factory, 6.000 m2 Showroom and 3.000 sq.mt. Logistics Center located in Istanbul. Buser Project is professional in school, university, kindergarten and education design. makes turnkey projects with interior architects. School plan design and office education furniture supplier.

Free Architectural Support

Our architects give free support in order to determine your education place needs, to use your budget more efficiently. We calculate your education furniture needs in millimeters, apply your preferences in 3D environment and show the structure of your education place before production.

Reasons to work with Buser

Sourcing ability from a to z
Professional staff. Good customer service
School, university, kindergarten and education furniture Manufacturer.
Education, school, university furniture supplier.
Costum made classroom furniture.
Global logistic & operation capability
Providing high quality stylish products with reasonable prices
High customer satisfaction rates (91 %)
360-degree service from design to installation.

8 Years Furniture Guarantee

We are a model that you like and receive, even if we lift it from serial production, we reproduce it for you in the next years as you need it. And we give you 8 years warranty for this.

Our School Furniture Factory

Buser office furniture factory

Our Costum Made Furniture Factory

Buser custom made furniure factory

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Product Groups

  • School furniture
  • University furniture
  • Nursery furniture
  • School desk
  • School chair
  • Library furniture
  • Lab furniture
  • Dormitory Furniture
  • Kindergarten furniture
  • Modern classroom desk
  • Teachers furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Theater chair
  • Conference chair


Buser Project operates on a continuous basis with such countries as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Morocco, Armenia, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe by exporting including but – not limited to – furniture, building construction materials, sports equipment, industrial kitchen equipment.

With its great experience Buser Project, joined to many domestic and international projects all around the globe.

Buser Project offers the products and services they need for quality living spaces, with a sense of social and environmental responsibility based on customer satisfaction.

  • İstanbul Ticaret University – Turkey
  • Istanbul Sehir Üniversity – Turkey
  • Nigde University and Dormitory – Turkey
  • Kaspi High School – Azerbaijan
  • King’s College – Qatar
  • Mary School – Turkmenistan
  • Dashoguz Library – Turkmenistan
  • NEP University – Turkmenistan
  • Rehabilitation Center – Turkmenistan
  • Techno Park – Turkmenistan
  • Kampala School – Uganda
  • Dormia Dormitory – Turkey

School, lab, university, kindergarten furniture projects and solutions

The reason why Buser Project is preferred after furniture production is because it is shaped and used according to consumer demand. These project-based studies vary according to the tastes and needs of the client. The works are carried out through the design of educational furniture, school furniture, classroom, kindergarten furniture, interior decoration, project solutions, design, design and decoration. Based on the project, the school furniture project and the classroom furniture project are also realized. The furniture to be used, the furniture to be used in the construction of the technical parts to be used for the determination of the parts and after the final phase of the work in the field of the furniture to be classified as an integral part of the service and their commissioning.

What are the uses of educational furniture projects?

The types of furniture mainly used in educational institutions are the result of collecting the necessary materials for students receiving educational services to obtain a more comfortable service. At the request of educational institutions, the study starting with the process of interior decoration of educational furniture is designed according to the place of manufacture of the furniture. In this direction, the design of educational furniture is carried out entirely according to the request of the institution. This process is examined within the training furniture design process and the project phase is initiated. This design approach is the definitive solution for successful results. Understanding the design in engineering and architectural work is directly related to the areas of use of the project. Therefore, it is important that the furniture meets the needs of consumers by providing comprehensive information at the stage of determining to complete the furniture and make it complete.

Technical services in education Furniture projects How to exchange?

According to the study, the technical parts to be used in the furniture to be unearthed are the phase passed after the project phase. In this phase, the educational furniture project is revealed. Materials, raw materials and machines to be used in technical parts are determined and pre-assembled shapes are given. When determining shapes, their dimensions, color, elasticity and weights are calculated and drawn and the drawn shapes are deleted in the machine environment. The technical drawing of each part to be produced must be removed beforehand. Otherwise, it could disrupt work. The list of parts to be cut and the shape will be completed in advance so that there is no problem.

This list is completed in stages and subtracted for a flawless job. All parts are cut to different scales in different machines depending on the area of ​​the furniture where they will be used. In order to ensure that the furniture to be completed later does not appear to be faulty or problematic, pieces of furniture are cut into pieces. The length and size of the places to be glued should be determined in advance. The holes and the entry locations of the screws are determined beforehand so as not to cause problems when cutting the parts. Then the furniture is collected and made usable by making a proper junction in this application which is done for all furniture. It is the most important stage in the production of furniture. After assembly, operations on the cabinet can be problematic when it is changed later. In this case, the educational furniture can create problems within the framework of the solutions of the project.

Business sector training furniture project How to install products?

At the final stage, the project and the design of the finished furniture are packed and transported to the place where the work will be placed and mounted for fixing. These educational furniture are placed according to the space where they will be placed during the decorating process. As the project is fully integrated, it must be carried out in several pieces of furniture. The projects and solutions developed according to the educational furniture design process complement the furniture work carried out and are put into operation. All malfunctions that may be encountered in the service are resolved by companies working with solutions.

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